Our 3 big Strengths

We aggressively try new things and fully support for your Wagyu business.

This is for creating your brand that can’t imitate anyone as "your own unique style" .


Strongly believe that unique style can be your strengthen as well.


Let's make happen together.


1.  Small Parts Order acceptance

Do you want to place order only 25kg Wagyu Loin Parts to your country?

                                           Yes, we can support.

Do you want to get Wagyu Chuck roll 500kg order to your country ?

                                           Yes, we can support.


We are able to offer and provide to meet your various type demand.


2.  Flexible offer

To meet your demand what exactly focus.


Grading focus?

Quality focus?

Price focus?


Brand focus?


If you are looking for the finest Wagyu meat,

who you ask?



3.  Think Strategically

What Your customer are looking for.


Maybe they feel bored about current brand Wagyu selection?


Let's discuss deeper and deeper to create new things.


The window always opens for your inquiry.