Our Passion and Strategy

Now you see my message because you are interested in me.

Message is begin sometimes direct expression for you because it is our passion.

However it is very much important for survive in market place.

Also it belongs your business expansion.

Strongly recommend that you leave now if you are not needful to listen my passion and work together.  I'm not price seller. 




We pursuit to supply you only highest and finest quality Wagyu meat. It is sometime not to meet your price requirement. Of course price is one of the most important factor doing business due to we have to gain profit to live with lover.


There are many background every single Wagyu cattle has. 

When we bid in the auction we consider very much carefully that every single cattle checking what they have background. For example, Family tree, DNA from antient, food, environment condition, stress condition, sickness history.
Of course we see to check cattle to the farm. 

Cattle's eye is the most important to see cattle's health condition.


What do you think that usual action or now so.

I believe that your partner company (exporter? meat company? Wholesaler?)  does 100% necessary action completely. 


We do all checking before supply you. This is the reason there are so many fans our selection around world even if it is higher cost than the other Wagyu.


Look our Wagyu Brand "Shichiri". They cover all our requirement what should cattle has, especially DNA, feeding condition and "Shine of eye".


We are exporter who is running with specific farm.

I promise you to supply only the highest and the finest Wagyu meat from Sky Ranch.


If you try to new things, just call or DM me what do you need.

Thank you very much for leading and listening our strong passion.


Shichiri way.